Solar Specialty Lighting

There are many ways in which we are able to use solar landscape lighting to improve the appearance of both our yards and homes. As night falls the lights we put out help to illuminate the walkway and driveway and give off an elegant glow. One of the best ways to accomplish this look is with solar specialty lighting.

These types of lights are used more to show off certain areas in your yard or garden. They are not made to shine brightly over your walkway or to provide a safe cover from the dark. Instead they use a variety of white or colored lights to accentuate your favorite flowers, trees, or garden benches.

Color Changing Solar Globes

The color changing solar globes are some of the more popular lights to use and are offered in a variety of beautiful colors to match any season. With this you will have the option to keep the colors changing or to place it on one specific color of your choice. Each one are designed to be placed inside of the water, mounted onto a wall, set on a table, or staked firmly into the ground.

It takes only a few seconds to install each one and because it is solar powered there are no wires. It will turn on automatically when dusk falls and turn off when dawn has arrived. The LED lights it uses are able to last for more then 30,000 hours. Each one will cost around $20.

Soji Silk Solar Lanterns

Lanterns are a perfect choice no matter what type of yard or garden that you have. If you want something that is more elegant and casual at the same time then you will enjoy the Soji silk solar lanterns. These are made with sheer pearl silk fabric and is in the shape of the traditional Asian lantern.

These come in a variety of shapes and colors that will use the solar panels to collect power from the sun. At dusk they will turn on and cast an iridescent glow over your garden. The best part about them is that they use rechargeable batteries and no wires. These will help to accentuate part of your garden or to use during a special holiday or party and will cost around $20 each.