Solar Path Lighting

There are several reasons to place solar lighting around the outside of your home. One of the most important reason is the amount of safety it provides to you and your home. It is dangerous to come home to a dark house where anyone can be lurking in the shadows and waiting to pounce the moment you opened the door.

Another common reason that people will use them is to provide them with a way to see when walking to their car or front door. The front porch light is helpful – but in the larger homes it is not bright enough to shine all the way to the driveway. Instead you need a set of solar path lighting that will help with this.

Walkway Lighting

Solar walkway lighting is placed on either side of the walkway steps that lead up to the front door. The great thing is that you will have the ability to find them in a variety of shapes, sizes, and luminosity. The more basic types are the ones that you will place into the ground through a stake at one end of the light.

These usually come in the shape of a small, single light and with it being so far out in the yard it will receive a large amount of sunlight. If you want something more creative then you will want to use the stone walkway lights.

These are placed into the ground and will create a walkway for you rather then you having to use decorative stepping stones. At night the back up power will kick in and the surface of them will shine, giving you a clear view of where to go.

Driveway Lighting

Another common form of solar path lighting are those that are used to light up the driveway. These are similar to the ones that are used for the walkway – but you will need a great deal more. Each set – which will cost around $30 to $200 – will line up on either side of the driveway. If this is too much then you can use two tall lantern type driveway lights that will sit on the bottom of either side of the driveway.